Brendan Foster - Western Australian Documentary/Portraiture Photographer

The Process

The reason I do this is for that moment where someone opens up. They start of apprehensive and all of a sudden they let go and you can sense it, even before you click the button there's that moment were you can feel their new freedom. Getting to capture that moment is why I love doing this.

I feel there is a fine line between distasteful photography and beautiful photography, I hope to stay on the later side of that line. An ideal response would be for a male to see my images and say they look beautiful. If I hear someone comment about a recent shoot and they say the model looks sexy or hot, I feel like I have failed that girl.

My favourite way to work is you go to a place, get inspired by it and just see what happens. I like to just take my camera, one lens and work with what natural light there is. Keeping the shoots as organic as possible. Having less equipment and little to no plans is what I think makes my images. It can sometimes be a bit overwhelming not knowing what's going to happen but that's also what makes it exciting.